The Truth of it All


The REC of Adamawa like the Inec chairman was appointed by the President and for him to be push out of the exercise he started must be taking to the National Assembly where two third of the Senate would vote against him, otherwise no any Jupiter can dismiss him from the exercise. He is independent. 

The Returning officer of the State was an Assistant who is by Law to assist the REC, but the REC has more powers over the RO. 

If the REC was not wrong in declaring inconclusive to your myopic thinking then how could he be wrong in declaring the winner? No way. 

By law this declaration is irreversible,  only Court or tribunal can reverse it. Therefore, there is no hope for PDP in Abuja it is better for them to start preparing to go to Court. 

And in the Court, they should know that they are entering the Court with INEC not with Binani or APC. And behold it is going to be 'a death in arrival case' because INEC has all the records of their rigging, bvas bypassing, concoction of figures, voters intimidation and votes buying. Not only that they have all their records of beating and bullying some INEC Staff. Therefore they should get ready very well in gathering evidence against INEC.
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