Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha..A mission for effective Representation of Abia central Senatorial Zone

*Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha..  A mission for effective Representation of Abia central Senatorial Zone ..

The drive for effective representation in a democratic governance of any society can only be achieved through a purpose driven leader. The perceived vacuum in Abia Central Senatorial District is a product of decades of neglect and unfortunate circumstances. This vacuum created by selfish representation isn't natural but a course the people must reject and eject.
Abia Central Senatorial Zone, this is an opportunity to correct the anomaly. Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha, a leader with tract record of successes, is the only the solution within reach to fill this lacuna. 
Hon Darloo would achieve this expected success through a determined leadership, purposeful service and effective representation as seen in his template at the Green Chamber. In Abia Central Senatorial Zone it is time for Continued service to our  people.  
Darloo a holistic leader with people oriented beliefs.  To Darloo politics is a tool for people's enhancement, Empowerment and  better lives of the people.

A testament of Darloo template for effective service is tested and confirmed among the people of Isiala ngwa North and South Federal Constituency. An unparalleled record envied by many. The good people of Abia Central Senatorial  Zone will enjoy a replica of his antecedents at the lower chamber.
Support Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha
For effective Representation of Abia central Senatorial Zone.. 
Hon Mike Nwachukwu... Kpakpando.. Chairman Mezie Obodo Great movement ISSLG.
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