The Man in the viral Video;Prof Zuru is a Federal commissioner of INEC.

The man in the viral video; Prof Zuru is a Federal Commissioner of INEC who was arrested by DSS and 500m equivalent in dollars was allegedly found in his hotel given to him by Fintiri to influence the election in his favor. 

The man and his other colleague from Abuja swung into action by constituting a fresh list of collation and presiding officers right in the middle of the supplementary election. The REC protested that such was not possible and it was his job and that people had already been deployed to the field. Zuru and his people insisted that they were superiors from Abuja!!

The confusion they planted became full blown when the officers who were deployed by the REC to the field came back with one set of results and Zuru's team came back with another. The Police, DSS, and all other security agencies were with the REC whom they had worked with since the first election on March 18, 2023 and could not understand Zuru's mindless interference. Yet, Zuru threw his "Abuja weight" around insisting his result must be announced. 

The DSS was tipped off about the money he had received allegedly from Fintiri, they arrested him and searched his hotel. Lo and behold, the dollars (part payment) were there stacked up neatly like Atiku's certificate of incorporation for his SPVs!!! 

This was the circumstances and tense atmosphere under which the REC acted!! INEC Abuja is angry that a Federal Commission was embarrassed. They are not asking how we got there!! Esprit de corps is now the driving logic for their action. They better wake up... Binani has been declared and only a Tribunal can upturn it. 

Eleyi ti lor!

By the way, arguing that the REC cannot do what he did in the circumstances he was in, is a losing argument. The REC has absoulte responsibility for State elections. Even the Returning Officer for Governorship and State Housenof Assembly elections report to him!! 

 It's like the AG of the Federation and the AG of the State!! In respect of State crimes, the AG of the State benches the AG of the Federation!!
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