Adamawa Lawyer Who defrauds business woman threatens journalist

Adamawa Lawyer who defrauds business woman threatens Journalist

Adamawa based Lawyer who was alleged to have defrauded a Business woman of two million one hundred and four thousand (2,104,000), Barrister Sani Shehu Mohammed has given a life threatening warning to a Journalist.

Sani a former Lawmaker to have represented the good people of Mubi North Constituency in the Adamawa House of Assembly from 2015-2019 gave a life warning threats to Tom Garba, a publisher of the The General news (TGnews).

The threats which is connected to allegation of how he violated the principles of breach of trust between him and one Talatu Aliyu, a business woman in Adamawa State.

You would recall that the Former Lawmaker was reported by this medium he has failed woefully in protecting the principles of a good lawyer whose main duty is to serve as a voice to the voice in a competent Court of law.

In the report as published by this medium thus indicated that:

"A summon for a criminal breach of trust was given to Adamawa Lawyer, Sani Shehu Mohammed by Upper Area Court No.4 Yola for refusing to pay Talatu Aliyu, a plaintiff of the originating Summon.

"The Adamawa Lawyer who is a non-serving member to have represented Mubi North Constituency of the Adamawa State House of Assembly was said to have cheated the plaintiff.

"The summons represented to this medium was read that Talatu is a businesswoman and Sani a Politician is demanding a payment of two million one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N2.150,000).

"The plaintiff in the summons said Sani demanded one Million four hundred thousand (N1,400,000) which she transferred in tranches and collected clothes on loan for his wedding but refused to pay.

"Talatu out of trust gave him the money that he promised to pay within the shortest period but only to insult her whenever she asked for it.

"The court ordered the Honorable Sani Shehu Mohammed to pay N204,000, N1,400,000, and N500,000 as the purchased price, borrowed Money, and damages incurred.

"The total amount the plaintiff is demanding is 2,104,000 which she said Sani defrauded her and wants justice to prevail.

"This medium consulted Talatu over the court summons and worried that the Nigerian Barr Association (NBA) is complacent about some of the dubious attitudes of some lawyers like Shehu.
She said the NBA should caution him by suspending him from practice because brags about being above the law as a lawyer and all the courts in Yola are under his control.

"She prayed that justice should be done as the Court case still going on and another hearing was slated for Tuesday, 28th November 2023.

"All efforts made for the Barrister to respond to the Court summons proved abortive as calls out through his number were not picked up or returned.
This medium sent an SMS message read: "Honorable Sir, Morning! I'm writing a report that I want you to respond to. Thank you " There is still no reply to Press Time.

"Disturbed over the matter, an indigene of Maiha Local Government area of Adamawa State, Suleiman Abdullahi Maiha alleged that Sani has been a serial fraudster using his law background to cheat on unsuspecting members of the public.

"He alleged that Sani while serving as a member of the state Assembly, defrauded senior civil servants for getting them a Permanent Secretary appointment.

"He enjoined the members of the general public to be wary of having any business deal with of whatsoever type and under whichever guise.

"Suleiman who is a public commentator worried that Sani has breached the ethics of Law practice and as an Honorable member to have represented the good people of Mubi North is condemnable.

"He said Sani has committed gross criminal offenses as a practicing Lawyer and a former Lawmaker.

"He called on the NBA to sanction him and the University of Maiduguri to withdraw his law certificate because all he does is against the principles of an ideal Lawyer.

""This Man over the years nothing he has done than defraud the unsuspecting members of the general public as a lawyer.

""Worst of it all he has never won a single case of whatever type, as a lawyer that is supposed to speak well, but Sani is one of those learned colleagues that is destroying the Queen's language with his unsound English terms, proud cement as a supposed lawyer," Suleiman said"

Barrister Shehu on reading this report sent myriads SMS text messages:

"You will pay for the price"
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