Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha, An Excellent Representative That Should Be Rewarded With More Work

Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha An Excellent Representative That Should Be Rewarded With More Work

By Comrade Mike Nwachukwu

“Action speaks louder than words” can best describe the personality of Rt  Hon. Darlington Nwaokocha whose contribution at the Green Chamber has been receiving accolades nationwide with the loudest coming from his constituents. 

Since assuming office as the honourable member representing the good people of Isiala North and Isiala South at the House of Reps, Hon. Darloo has continued to demonstrate that he has the capacity and grit to pursue the interest of his people and take Isiala ngwa to a greater height. 

With an admirable mien, poise and charisma,Rt  Hon. Darlington Nwaokocha is seen as one of the few legislators who have shown genuine reasons to be in the National Assembly to serve his people. 
For him, politics is a call to National Service.Agreeably, Darloo has an unbeatable record of achievements as a federal Lawmaker, and as often been described by his constituents, his achievement is legendary. 

This is why it was not surprising finding out that majority of Ndi Isiala ngwa are proud of his records in the areas of lawmaking, infrastructural development, Healthcare, Employment, Empowerment and human resources development. As exemplified by the number of roads, primary health centres and schools constructed and renovated. 

Others include the quality of bills sponsored, passed and assented to by the president. Empowerment and training programs facilitated for hitherto unemployed and underemployed women and youths of Isiala ngwa. Provision of solar powered streetlights and mini grids for some communities in Isiala ngwa To mention but a few of his achievements. 

Rt Hon. Darlington Nwaokocha has been working and will continue to work for the common good of his constituents. It comes natural for him to give everything he touches the best, hence the best results he always get. He is a man whose name, personality and character is synonymous with success. A successful man with determination to make Isiala North and South, Abia central Senatorial Zone,Abia in general and Nigeria at large to  succeed. 

The foregoing is just a reminder for Ndi Isiala ngwa and Abia central Senatorial Zone to use their votes and support to  reward one of the best lawmakers who  redefining transformational leadership in Isiala North and South Federal Constituency can't be over emphasised .Vote Rt hon Darlington Nwaokocha for Senate.Vote for Labour Party all the way..
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