Ginger:The PDP and Abia Government planning to Kill Ginger,Use Police and DSS to arrest him and silence opposition..

GINGER: The PDP and Abia Government planning to kill Ginger, use Police and DSS to arrest him, and silence opposition.

It is no longer news that Okenze Sir Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, the member representing Isiala Ngwa North State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly and the Labour Party flag bearer for Isiala Ngwa North and South Federal Constituency has become a nightmare to and the burden of the Peoples Democratic Party nay the government in power in Abia State. 

When the PDP chose to sideline Ginger Onwusibe, little did they understand that their action of toying with him will surely unsettle them.

When an elder beats a child, he cannot stop him from crying. Same follows when one pushes another; he does not tell the other where to fall. The attempt to suffocate and sideline Ginger Onwusibe in the scheme and affairs of the PDP and government vide their undemocratic 3-man delegates  elections and their subsequent party primaries climaxed to his leaving the party.

Ginger Onwusibe is now in the opposition Labour Party and goes about his party businesses, meetings, consultations, etc. and does his "opposition job" fine and good. He proudly tells the people of Isiala  Ngwa North and South to go and verify what he has been able to do within three years he was elected into the Abia State House of Assembly and what he keeps doing. His unrivalled infrastructural and human capital development touch on his Constituency and constituents speak volume and have turned-red the eyes of his opponents and traducers of PDP in envy and unscrupulous politicking. Their malice and hatred have become glaring and evident in the way and manner they go about destroying and defacing monumental projects executed by Ginger. A visit to Amasaa Ntigha Mini Stadium at Group School, Eziama Ntigha will surely drop your jaws as the PDP in Isiala North and Ntigha went abysmally low in their barbarism as they destroyed the facilities in the yet-to-be-completed mini stadium. They destroyed the water borehole sunk there, removed some spectator's seats and spilled oil paints on the seats, broke the perimeter metal barriers around the stadium and drove cars (leaving ditches and holes) on the field which has pvc pipes and the water sprinklers thereon and which grasses are still being groomed... 

They are permanently at quarrels with every Ginger Onwusibe's supporters and this has extended even to  public servants who head institution of government where Ginger's presence has been registered and imprinted. 

A few days ago, the Education Secretary of Isiala Ngwa North LGA demoted and transferred, the Head Teacher of Amapu Ntigha Primary School because Ginger Onwusibe donated (as has been his pattern and style since 2016) school bags, uniforms, shoes and books to the pupils of that school, a school Ginger has adopted and has been taking care of. Why demote and transfer a teacher for the gesture extended to her innocent pupils by Ginger? A few days ago too, the Head Teacher of Eziama Ntigha Group School was reprimanded and transferred by same Education Secretary (supra) for not removing Ginger Onwusibe's posters found in the school premises. The list of their attack is basket-full.

Not yet satisfied, the masturbatory opponents keep pleasuring in their yet-to-come self-destruction. They go about tearing Ginger's billboards and poster wherever they behold same;  threatening that they will kill him and that they are always in charge of the police, army and DSS. 

In their orgy of political intoxication, what they have finally settled for now is to eliminate Ginger Onwusibe at all cost, perfecting their plans on daily basis. What has this Ginger Onwusibe done to warrant petitions here and there from the PDP and the government in power to the DSS and police who keep inviting him day after day? 

May we categorically state the we are in a democracy, for God's sake! Why must the PDP and the government in power in Abia State want to use their state security apparatchiks to gag and silence the opposition? We refuse to be gagged. We have our right to freedom of expression and right to freedom of association and free assembly guaranteed by the supreme law of the land, the Constitution. Is Ginger Onwusibe the only politician that left the PDP for another party? 
Why has he become your burden?
Why has he become your nightmare? Whatever happens to our leader, our voice and our representative, Ginger Onwusibe, we must hold you responsible and accountable. 

Enough of all these abuses of power! Enough is enough! 
Let the masses know that Ginger Onwusibe's life is under real threat...

Let Ginger Onwusibe be! Let him live!

Abians, arise!

- I. OKITE OKITE, ESQ. (Juju Priest),
Head of Media and Publicity,
Ginger Onwusibe Campaign Team - Expect more 2023.

cc: Fida Nigeria, Iroegbu Emenike, Mezie Abia, Eks Steve, Department of State Securities, Labour Party, Nigeria Labour Congress, Civil Liberties Organization, National Human Rights Commission,  ABN TV, AFN, Channels Television,  TVC News, Arise TV.Machalicetv.
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